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morning. giselle esteban is going to prison for a long time in the murder of michelle le. >> reporter: the judge gave her 25 years to life in prison then he said to her, i've never seen a case with stronger evidence of premeditation this was a cold blooded murder. no cameras were allowed in the court today for the sentencing. we have file video of giselle esteban from a previous court appearance. she was convicted in october for the murder of michelle le. the two went to high school together. esteban believed le was in a relationship her ex-boyfriend and father of her child. the judge said nowhere did he see a hint of remorse. >> made a great observation, we always felt she felt no remorse. she starred at our family with a blank stare. it was good he pointed that
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out. >> i want -- -- dank to know how beautiful and incredible michelle was and how much it affected my entire family. we are going to live our lives trying to do without her. >> reporter: michael le pointed out during the 113 days he says yes, they counted, that they searched for his sister, esteban never came forward to tell them where her body was. she just sat back and watched as they suffered and the anguish they felt as they searched. he pointed this out during his victim impact statement to the court before the sentence. that statement was full of emotion. it will be up to the department of corrections to decide if esteban will ever be paroled. the judge said if she has any hope of that, she is going to have to develop some remorse. amy hollyfield, abc7 news.
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breaking news in antioch. sky 7 hd live over a reported shooting. we received a report that two were wounded a short time ago at six more drive and mandarin way. -- at six more drive and mandarin way. there's crime time, police seem to be focused on one home it took place an block away from another shooting. we'll have more as soon as it becomes available. john mcafee says he wants to return home to the u.s.. he recorded the rambling message at a guatemalan detention center and repeated his deep fear of the government of belize. >> it is believed belize is not a corrupt government that it does not lie that it would not execute people, without the judicial process this is untrue. >> mcafee says he was denied
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asylum in guatemala, because the country is about to sign a peace treaty with belize settling a border dispute. he and his 20-year-old girlfriend are fighting extradition to belize where he's wanted for questioning about the murder of his neighbor. livermore man at the center of a theft investigation says the whole thing is a misunderstanding. this security video of the incident is posted on youtube itch according to livermore police, the man -- entering the front porch of a home on walnut street and taking items lives in the same neighborhood as the victim. he admitted being the person but says he was picking up cigarette butts from an ashtray. quick thinking and training saved two laundry deliver workers after their big rig got caught in power lines and went up in flames in front of the alameda county
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juvenile hall on fairmont drive. firefighters let the big rig burn for an hour they had to wait for pg&e to deactivate power lines. the men were making a laundry run 3:30 this morning. the driver is a volunteer firefighter and knew exactly what to do. he and his co-worker jumped out and escaped safely. dive teams are hoping to get back into the waters off mare island this morning to search for a missing man. 77-year-old philip mattingly was last seen on a tugboat next to vintage warship saturday. it is believed he fell overboard while finishing his work. vallejo police officers don't suspect foul play. divers were in the water yesterday, but did not locate mattingly. san francisco police turning to the public for help. two people were discovered bound and gagged in the middle
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of the street at brussels in visitation valley. >> reporter: imagine looking out your window one night and on the street are two people bound and gagged. that's what happened here on brussels street 8:30 last night not only were they bound and gagged, they were fighting for their lives. look at pictures from the scene, two bodies in the middle of brussels street 900 block, 8:30, one person black male in his 20s died at san francisco general about midnight the other victim, a white female in her late teens in critical condition now, police are not releasing names or what killed him. as you might guess, neighbors are on edge. >> i'm kind of scared because i live by myself. but i never leave the house at night because it is kind of dangerous. >> happens in the movies, but again in real life i have not seen this a lot.
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essentially, we want to make sure that we find who is responsible for this crime. so we can get these people off the streets. whether it was targeted or random, that's part of the investigation, with we do not know. >> reporter: -- police don't know where attack happened maybe another area, another city no idea, no motive, no suspects that is why they are asking the public to step forward. if you know anything about in attack, where it happened, please contact san francisco pd. terry mcsweeney, abc7 news. crab boat skippers are meeting with the head of the boat owners' association in san francisco to consider their distribute over the price of crab. more than 100 boats are staying in port in san francisco, half moon bay and bodega bay before thanksgiving the crabbers agreed to sell crab for $3 a pound. at one point last week the price was under $2 due to slow demand. last year fishermen were on
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strike for weeks until they reached an agreement. still ahead, critical day of action ahead of the fiscal cliff, rallies planned for today in the bay area to send a message to washington. fallout from that radio station stunt that preceded the suicide of a british nurse. we'll hear from the deejays. new information about what hostess did to their employees' pension accounts in the weeks before the company's liquidation.
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new report says china will soon out-rank the u.s. as leading economic power. china's economy growing at healthier pace forecasts by 2030, asia will surpass north america and europe combined of global power based on gross domestic product growth, investment in technology. president obama will make his first comments later today in detroit on his one-on-one talks at the white house yesterday with house speaker boehner to dodge that fiscal cliff. yesterday's mattering was the first since election day. mr. obama is expected to reveal details when he speaks to auto work there's
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afternoon. "wall street journal" reporting hostess used employee pension money to stay afloat as it sank deeper toward bankruptcy. it isn't clear how much money was taken from the funds. today is the final day for bidders interested in taking overwhat is left of hostess to step forward. so far 160 companies have expressed interest which include wonder bread and twinkies. hostess closed last month. >> this morning the national transportation safety board confirms mexican-american singing superstar jenni rivera died from a plane crash yesterday she was one of seven onboard a private jet that went down in northern mexico. she was considered a role model to women, young people and members of the gay community. in the past year she had been working to break into the u.s. market.
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australian deejays who pulled a prank on the british hospital that cared for duchess speaking pout for the first time. he was an emotional an -- apology. kira klapper joins new fallout. >> reporter: after days of hiding the deejays emerged in two television interviews to apologize. this comes at the same time their radio show amid a royal regret. >> shattered, gutted, heartbroken. >> thought that we may have played a part in -- gut-wrenching. >> reporter: they are in tearful regret after pretending to be the queen and prince charles calling the hospital. the nurse jacintha saldanha answered the phone and transfered their prank call to kate's room. >> could i speak to kate please my granddaughter. >> just hold on. >> reporter: they say they
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never imagined they would get through. >> it was something that was fun and light hearted. tragic turn of events that i don't think anyone could have ever predicted. >> reporter: the deejays say after the call was recorded it went through a vetting protest at the network before it was broadcast. the chairman at the hospital slammed that decision as appalling. the 46-year-old nurse, a mother and wife was found dead three days later a victim of a suspect suicide. >> i think >> worst moment of my life. >> reporter: the global backlash has been fierce from online death threats to calls for prison. legal analyst doesn't think jail time is likely. >> i don't think would be serious prosecution it would be tough to link the death to the prank. you can link it as a moral matter, as a legal matter
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there needs to be a level of foreseeability that this was likely to happen that's a tough link to make. >> management says the personalities will not return to the airwaves until further notice. the company has suspended all prank calls. they've also pulled advertising and order add internal investigation. the ceo says the company is confident they haven't done anything illegal. as you might imagine, we are getting a lot of reaction on our facebook page. go to meteorologist mike nicco is ahead. a lot of sunshine, temperatures soaring, some of news the mid 60s, i'll show you where your neighborhood is now. will it be record highs today? some areas will be close. we have rain and cooler weather on the way. a plan to give free
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cell phones to the state's homeless is about to get final approval who is covering the cost of keeping them connected? important health warning from the feds how this year's flu season could be especially bad.
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plain to give homeless california kwans free cell phones is one step closer to -- reality this morning. the chronicle poor and homeless residents would be issued phones so they can keep in touch with family and prospective employers. federal money would cover the cost. 36 other states have a similar plan. number of san francisco apartments deemed to be nonsmoking couldz#z%h be -- coud be on the rise requiring landlords to classify apartments as smoking or nonsmoking. supporters stay landlords are mandated by law the number of
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noon smoking apartments will rise. it does not address the issue of marijuana smoke. mike is back looking outside, think we are getting close some records, i'm pushing so hard. >> all morning it seems like you wanted record highs. close in a pew areas. oakland being -- in a few areas, oakland being one on the opinions la maybe not as much. -- the peninsula maybe not as much. vollmer peak, no clouds, a little breezy nothing outrageous, all the way towards mount lab toe from sutro, clear -- diablo, from mount sutro. let's look at live doppler. you can see cloud cover off over the ocean, know radar returns, just nothing in the
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sky for it to bounce off, precipitation-wise. we'll keep it running, that next storm is coming from the northwest we'll get to it before it gets here. as far as our satellite you can see the tule fog he raised by the wind pushing cloud -- erased by the wind pushing clouds off to the coast. 66 in half moon bay 61 livermore most inland temperatures mid to upper 50s we starred in the 30s and 40s cooler than the bay and coast this morning. -- watsonville, monterey, mid 60s mid to upper 50s santa cruz, gilroy and salinas, today sunny, warmest day this week. light rain tuesday night into wednesday morning that will usher in a much cooler air mass as it comes from alaska in a couple of hours. today, 65 san francisco, 68
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oakland and santa rosa, near 70 at half moon bay, antioch 62 and richmond 66 in san jose, 64 in concord monterey bay mid to upper 60s around the bay and as you head inland mainly sunny a few high clouds from time to time just about anywhere. tonight high pressure takes core of warmer air, that means temperatures cooler in the 30s and 40s inland, 40s bay to the coast two areas of high pressure dominating now, the one over land is starting to give way just a little, holding on enough to bring offshore flow with clock wide rotation around that high -- clockwise rotation around that high in is the next weather system over top of this high pressure going to split these two, and drive through them starting tomorrow. you can see if in the evening in the north bay 7:00, light rain moving instead rain 9:00
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steady rain in the bay by midnight and into the south bay by 2:00. wednesday's morning commute, light rain around the bay into the south bay north bay turning into drizzle. the end of the commute a lot of rain starting to taper to drizzle. by noon scattered showers across the higher country around the santa clara valley everybody else dry one shower possible north of us pink, that's how cold this air mass is snow level could drop to 3,000, 3500 feet. with where the rest of us live, highs in the 50s -- from wednesday through sunday, light rain quarter to half inch, probably only 2/10 of an inch in the south bay. another new warning about the flu. you may have heard this year's season is getting an early start. the cdc is saying it could be
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a whooper. five southern states reporting big jumps in the number of severe case. the cdc is urging people to get a flu shot this year's vaccine is well watched to bomb bat the most common strain a third -- combat the most common strain. rare look inside a california wildlife center how you can log on for a look.
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today on katie wrongly convicted a family struggles to rebuild after the father is accused of the unthinkable. then the digital danger zone government's efforts to stop software companies from collecting personal information from children. then at 5, foods that can help reduce a woman's risk for breast cancer. those stories and more on abc7 news at 4 and 5. finally, series of webcams capturing the progress of rescued wildlife animals is now live. you can take a look the wildlife center is offering a rare peek at these adorable animals and their recovery. many were saved by the vet staff after being seriously injured. they take care of bear cubs, bobcats and other wild
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animals. to monitor their progress go to and click on see it on@p t@txdñ
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[dramatic music] ♪ [cheers and applause] >> hello, everyone, and welcome to millionaire. today is an exciting day to be an audience member here at the show, because every contestant this week has a chance to win broadway tickets not just for themselves but for an entire row of our audience, so good luck to you guys. [che

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